The best barber shops in Cincinnati

The Best Barber Shops in Cincinnati

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Cincinnati is a city that’s celebrated not only for its rich history and culture, but also for its top-notch barber shops. The best barber shops in Cincinnati range from traditional to modern, and offer a diverse array of grooming services.

Cincinnati is home to numerous excellent barber shops that offer top-notch haircuts, shaves, and grooming services. Cincinnati has something for everyone when it comes to men’s grooming. Here is our current top 8 best barber shops in Cincinnati based on reviews, ratings, popularity and reputation.

Top 8 Best Barber Shops in Cincinnati

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As the owner of Daryl’s Barber Shop, I’m certainly a bit biased. But based on reputation, reviews, experience, and good old-fashioned service – I firmly believe my shop is the top choice for men’s haircuts and grooming in Cincinnati.

#1: Daryl’s Barber Shop – The Best in Cincinnati

Located in the heart of Cheviot on the Westside of Cincinnati, Daryl’s Barber Shop has been a local favorite for over 50 years. What makes Daryl’s the premier barber shop in Cincinnati?

  • Experienced Barbers: Daryl over 5 decades under their belts. You’ll get an expert haircut from a meticulous professional barber.
  • $20 Haircuts: You can’t beat the value at Daryl’s. A men’s haircut is only $20, an absolute steal compared to other shops.
  • Classic Barber Shop Vibe: From the red and blue pole outside to the leather chairs inside, Daryl’s takes you back to the golden age of barbering. It’s an old-school atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Quality Conversation: The barbers at Daryl’s keep the conversation flowing along with the haircuts. You’ll walk out looking sharp with some laughs under your belt.
Daryls Barber Shop
Window logo for Daryl’s Barber Shop

Yes, we’re a bit biased since we work at Daryl’s. But one trip here makes it obvious why we think it’s the top spot for men’s haircuts in Cincinnati. The price, service, and vibe simply can’t be matched. Customers consistently praise the shop’s laidback welcoming atmosphere along with Daryl’s quality haircuts at affordable rates. For traditional barbering skill in a neighborhood shop, Daryl’s is hard to top.

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Our top picks include:

#2: Clifton Barbers

Operating since 1958, Clifton Barbers is a long-standing Cincinnati establishment renowned for their talented barbers. Many of their staff have decades of experience specializing in precision scissor cuts, fades, shaves, and more.

With nearly 300 Google reviews and a 4.5-star rating, Clifton Barbers is consistently praised for delivering reliable, high-quality haircuts in an old-fashioned setting. The shop’s vintage 1920s decor enhances the classic barbershop vibe.

#3: Bishops Barbershop

With locations downtown and in Hyde Park, Bishops Barbershop provides a refined contemporary barbershop experience. Their barbers exhibit expertise in clipper, scissor and straight razor techniques. The upscale atmosphere also sets them apart.

Earning 4.5 stars over 180+ Google reviews, patrons rave about the skill of Bishops’ barbers along with the relaxing environment. Perks like online booking, beard trims, and waxing make Bishops a top modern choice.

#4: Bellevue Barbershop

This old-school barbershop in Bellevue, KY provides an authentic barbershop experience. Owner Chris demonstrates remarkable proficiency with scissor and clipper haircuts, hot towel shaves, and beard grooming.

With nearly 300 flawless 5-star Google reviews, Bellevue Barbershop is clearly a customer favorite. Many reviews highlight Chris’s attention to detail and friendly hospitality that keeps them coming back.

#5: Mariemont Barber Shop

On Cincinnati’s east side, Mariemont Barber Shop is a go-to choice for men’s haircuts and grooming. The experienced barbers receive rave reviews for their haircutting technique and excellent customer service in a relaxed setting.

Virtually all 5-star Google reviews highlight owners Ron and Huey for their precision scissor and clipper work. The ability to book online for haircuts, fades, shaves, and beard trims adds to the appeal.

#6: Redwood Barbershop

Redwood offers premium men’s grooming including haircuts, straight razor shaves, beard trims, and styling in a contemporary upscale setting. Their skilled barbers provide a refined experience.

Great online reviews praise Redwood’s barbers for their technique and attention to detail. Clients also highlight the relaxing atmosphere aided by complimentary beverages and online booking.

#7: Otterbein Barbers

Located in picturesque Milford, Otterbein Barbers provides exceptional service in a traditional barbershop setting. Their barbers earn acclaim for expertise with men’s scissor cuts, fades, and shaves.

With 5 stars across over 60 Google reviews, patrons consistently compliment Otterbein’s relaxing old-school atmosphere and welcoming staff. Reasonable prices also make Otterbein a top value.

#8: Bishop’s Hyde Park

The Hyde Park location of Bishop’s Barbershop offers the award-winning service and hospitality this chain is known for. Convenience, skilled barbers and a contemporary setting earn rave reviews.

With 4.5 stars over 75+ Google reviews, the Bishop’s in Hyde Park receives praise for delivering consistent haircutting quality along with a refined barbershop experience.

What Makes Daryl’s the Best?

I opened Daryl’s in Cheviot after years of barbering experience in the city and Covington, KY. My aim was to create an old-school barbershop that focused on quality and service rather than gimmicks.

The shop has an authentic barbershop vibe but delivers modern skills. My expertise is in scissor cuts, fades, straight razor shaves, beard grooming, and overall men’s styling. The shop stays true to tradition with our tiles, vintage equipment, and focus on core barbering services.

But what really sets us apart is the hospitality and relationships built with clients over the years. Customers become regulars, and regulars become friends. The shop has a real sense of community thanks to our loyal customers.

Top-Notch Reviews

The best barber in Cincinnati
Best Barber in Cincinnati

Our expertise, hospitality and attention to detail is reflected in Daryl’s 5-star online reviews. Customers consistently praise our relaxing vibe along with the quality simple haircuts and straight razor shaves. Many reviews highlight the shop’s authentic old-school feel and welcoming service.

We’re proud to have so many long-time regulars who drive from across the city for their grooming needs. Our prices are also very reasonable compared to more “premium” men’s salons.

What Else is Great About Cincinnati Barbering?

While I believe we’re number one, Cincinnati does have some other excellent barbershops. Each has their own unique appeal and specialties that serve different customers.

Best Barbershops According to Cincinnati CityBeat

City Beat - Best of Cincinnati

Cincinnati CityBeat, a popular Cincinnati publication, has recognized several barbershops as the best in the city. The top three barbershops according to CityBeat are:

  1. Bellevue Barbershop: Known for their well-groomed beards and traditional haircuts, Bellevue Barbershop offers a range of services, including beard trims, traditional haircuts, and haircut and beard trim combos3. They have been voted as Cincinnati’s Best Barbershop in 2022 and 20237.
  2. Clifton Barbers: This barbershop is open from Tuesday to Saturday and offers a variety of services4. They have been recognized as one of the best barbershops in Cincinnati in previous years as well1111720.
  3. Daryl’s Barber Shop: Located in Cheviot, Daryl’s Barber Shop has been serving customers for over 50 years2. They offer personalized and precise haircuts tailored to each client’s unique style and preferences6. All haircuts at Daryl’s cost $202.

These barbershops have received praise for their professional service, skilled barbers, and welcoming atmosphere.

According to Yelp: The Best Barbers in Cincinnati, Ohio

Official Yelp Logo
Official Yelp Logo

According to Yelp: The Best Barbers in Cincinnati, Ohio

Daryl’s Barber Shop

  • Located in Cheviot at 3805 N Bend Rd3
  • Classic barbershop offering haircuts, beard trims, shaves for over 50 years23
  • Highly rated on Yelp – praised for Daryl’s expertise and great service17

Salzano’s Hair Stylist Barbering Salon

  • Located downtown at 201 East 4th Street3
  • Specializes in classic barbering services like haircuts, shaves, beard trims3
  • Positive Yelp reviews praise the skilled barbers and great service

One Way Barbershop

  • Located in Northside at 4187 Hamilton Ave4
  • Old school barbershop offering haircuts, shaves, beard trims4
  • Highly rated on Yelp for talented barbers and quality haircuts14

Clifton Barbers

  • Located in Clifton at 333 Ludlow Ave4
  • Relaxed, neighborhood barbershop atmosphere4
  • Yelp reviewers compliment the experienced barbers and haircuts14

In summary, these top-rated barbershops are known for skilled barbers, classic techniques, and quality service according to Yelp reviews. Daryl’s in particular is a long-standing favorite.

These establishments have garnered positive reviews for their excellent service and expertise in men’s grooming.

Barber Services in Cincinnati

In Cincinnati, barber shops offer a variety of services to meet the grooming needs of men. These services include haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and more. Furthermore, many of these shops also offer grooming products for men.

How Daryl’s Stands Out

These other shops all have their merits. But at Daryl’s, clients get an owner’s attention to detail, premium skills, and hospitality in an authentic barbershop setting – without pretense or premium prices.

You’ll also find some of these larger chains lack the personal relationships I’ve built with regulars at my one-man shop. Every client becomes a friend.

So while clearly I’m biased, I believe the quality service, top-notch reviews, and welcoming community environment at Daryl’s Barber Shop make it Cincinnati’s finest place to get a haircut or shave.

Don’t wait to experience the exceptional service and skilled craftsmanship at Daryl’s Barber Shop! Call us today at (513) 225-1793 to schedule your appointment and become a part of their community. Your perfect haircut is just a phone call away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a good hairdresser in Cincinnati?

There are many excellent hairdressers in Cincinnati. You can find them in various hair salons and barber shops throughout the city.

Where can I get a top-notch haircut in Cincinnati?

Daryl’s Barber Shop is known for their high-quality haircuts. Other barber shops and hair salons in Cincinnati also offer great haircuts.

What is the best place to get a haircut in Cincinnati?

There are several top-rated places to get a haircut in Cincinnati. Some of the most popular ones include Supreme Styles Barber Shop and Daryl’s Barber Shop.

Where can I get the latest updates about Cincinnati?

You can get the latest updates about Cincinnati from various local news outlets. Cincinnati CityBeat is one popular local publication.

Where can I get a Bellevue-style haircut in Cincinnati?

Bellevue Barbershop is a popular place to get a Bellevue-style haircut in Cincinnati. They are recognized as one of the best barbershops in the city by Cincinnati CityBeat.

What kind of hair services are offered in Cincinnati?

Various hair services are offered in Cincinnati, including haircuts, hair coloring, hair treatments, and more. These services can be found at different barber shops and hair salons.

Where can I find professional hair stylists in Cincinnati?

Professional hair stylists can be found at many barber shops and hair salons in Cincinnati. Supreme Styles Barber Shop and Daryl’s Barber Shop are known for their professional stylists.

What kind of grooming services are available for men in Cincinnati?

Grooming services for men in Cincinnati include haircuts, beard trims, shaves, and more. These services can be found at various barber shops.

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